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A Quick Look At What This Is:
Discover a never ending source of products you can buy for LESS than $1 and flip them for $20, $30, $50 and more
Discover why 90% of people who sell on Amazon are doing it wrong and losing $10,000's in profits
Unlock the secret to selling on Amazon that allows you to reach only the buyers who are happy to pay top dollar.
You can get started with this method today even if you're a total newbie
12 HD Videos with over 2.5 hours of content that walk you through the entire method from start to finish
A One Time Investment and Free Updates for Life
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The Most Overlooked, Highly Profitable, Amazon Selling Method Ever
You're about to discover a step by step method that shows you where you can buy a product for as little as 30 cents and then sell it on Amazon for $50 while eliminating 90% of your competitors. And you can repeat this over and over again.
This is 100% newbie friendly and you can get started today.
This method complies with all of Amazons T&C's.
This can be done in any country where Amazon has the FBA service.
Easily scaled up to a $100,000 a year business.

What I am about to share with you has the power to change you life and I say that without any exaggeration. The profit potential of this method will make your jaw drop and will leave you wondering how you never knew about this before.

There is nothing left out with this method and I'll explain how it works, why it works and exactly what you need to do next as well as showing you the exact, free, tools of the trade that I personally used for this method.

INSANE PROFITS From Selling Used Books!
Here are screenshots of just some of the books I've sold on Amazon using the exact same method that I'm about to share with you. You can repeat this over and over again and scale it up to make as much money as you want.
Bought for 30cents and Sold For $28.83
Book sale screenshot
I bought this book in a library sale for 20 pence and flipped in on Amazon for £18.98
Bought for $5 and Sold for $47
Book sale screenshot 9
This books was bought at a charity shop for £3.50 which was flipped on Amazon for £30.99
Bought for $2 and Sold for $15.97
Book Sale screenshot 8
I bought this second hand years ago and flipped sold it on Amazon for £10.50
Bought for $9 and Sold for $53
Book Sale Screenshot 7
I got this from eBay for £6 and flipped it on Amazon for £34.99
Bought for $4 and Sold for $42
Book Sale Screenshot 6
I picked this book up for £2.75 from a used book store and flipped it on Amazon for £27.51
Bought for $5 and Sold for $35
Book Sale Screen Shot
Another charity shop bargain that I paid £3.20 for and flipped on Amazon for £23.49
Bought for $6 and Sold for $35
Boo Sale Screen Shot 3
I bought this used from a classified ads site for £4 and flipped it on Amazon for £23.48
Bought for 30 cents and Sold for $11
Book Sale Screen Shot 2
Another 20 pence library book that I flipped on Amazon fro £7.42
Bought for 30 cents and Sold for $53
Book Sale Screenshot 5
This book cost just 20 pence from a library sale and I flipped it on Amazon for £34.92
Bought for $5.50 and Sold for $50
food tech amz
This was another eBay score. Bought it for £3.64 and flipped it on Amazon for £32.98
Just Some of The Things You're About To Discover
  • Exactly why this method works and you can replicate it for your own profits
  • All of the information required so you can start doing this today
  • The exact sources I use to buy books for as little as 50 cents
  • Where you can source books by the box full for a just a couple of dollars
  • Online sources so you can do this without leaving your home
  • What books sell for the most money and biggest profits
  • What books you need to avoid so you can focus on the high profit ones
  • How you can start making an extra $100, $300, $500, $1000 a week
  • How you can start off small and easily scale this up to a full time income with just part time hours
  • The best free tools of the trade that I use every day
  • The (free) app you MUST have on your phone
  • This method can easily replace the income that you earn from your day job
There's No Nasty Surprises Lurking
  • No online selling experience required
  • Doesn't involve dropshipping
  • Doesn't involve affiliate marketing
  • Method can be used for just about any product type (not just books)
  • No need for paid advertising
  • No need for SEO
  • No need to generate traffic to your items on Amazon
  • Can be done part time and full time
  • Perfect for total beginners and seasoned pro's
  • Can be used to grow an established business even further
  • Can be scaled up to create a full time business
  • Never ending supply of products than be bought for pennies
Here's A Full List of The 12 HD Videos and 2 PDF's That Are Waiting For You, Right Now, Inside of the Private Members Area
PDFs and Discs
  • Explained: Selling Books Using The FBA Method. (PDF)
  • The Difference Between FBA and Merchant Fulfilled (Video)
  • What Books Work Best For The FBA Method? (PDF)
  • An Introduction To The Books Used in This Course (Video)
  • Knowing How to Grade the Condition of a Book (Video)
  • Preparing Library Books For Huge Profits (Video)
  • To Bag or Not to Bag (Video)
  • Automated Searches on eBay (Video)
  • The Amazon Seller App (Video)
  • The FBA Fee Calculator Tool (Video)
  • The KeepaBox (Video)
  • The Amazon Trick To Finding More of What Sells (Video)
  • Opening an Amazon Seller Account (Video)
  • Creating an FBA consignment (Video)

Check Out One of The Videos From The Course

All of the videos were recorded in full HD and remain crystal clear even when viewed at full size on a 21 inch screen. The audio is also of the same high quality but don't just take my word for it, see for yourself, by viewing the video below that is from the course.

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There is no filler and no fluff involved because I value your time and appreciate that you'll want to get started with this ASAP.

What I am about to share with you is the exact same information that I know and use on a daily basis to buy and flip books on Amazon for the insane profits that I showed you earlier. I honestly do not know of any other (legal) method that allows you to make such crazy profits with such little effort.

This could easily be not only the most profitable thing you do online but also the easiest too.

You're Now Just Moments Away From Getting:
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I'm looking forward to helping you,

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Michael Sherriff

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there anything else that I need buy after I get access to the 'FBA Book Flipping Course'?
The only thing you need to buy are the books that you'll be selling on Amazon. You already have a computer and an internet connection to be reading this and with those two things and a copy of 'FBA - Book of Profits' then you have all the things you need to get started.

What happens if I have a question that I can't find answered in the course?
I really don't want you to get stuck and not be able to get started with this method which is why you'll also get access to the "Ask a Question" section of the members site. And you'll get a response the very same day.

If I don't like the course or the method can I cancel my order for a 100% refund?

Absolutely YES. You work hard for your money so you should never waste it. If at any time in the first 30 days you're not 100% satisfied with the course or the method then simply send me an email and I'll happily and promptly refund your entire purchase with no hard feelings.

However, you will lose access to the members area as well as all future updates, videos and content that will be added to the course.

What happens if something changes within the method?
When you order the 'FBA Book Flipping' course you're entitled to 100% free, lifetime, updates so when ever there is a change to the method you'll have access to it inside your members area. That means the information will never go out of date.
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